Sunday, June 16, 2013

Review from Bethany in California

"I loved reading this fun little book! I have been called to serve in Portugal, and leave in September.  When you are preparing to serve a mission everyone tells you all these different things to do before you go, what to study, and what it's going to be like.  Eventually they all end up sounding the same.  But this book was very different!  It showed in detail what to expect on the mission, and how to handle a companionship!  It was personal and real.  I loved the part about still being yourself on the mission.  Follow the rules, duh, but your're allowed to show your personality and weirdness and even indulge in some shoe shopping on P-days!  I also love that they have remained close friends over the years and I hope on my mission I will create a friendship with my companions like Alicia and Paige have!"

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